Running 4 Kids

Helping the children one step at a time.




The year of 2016 saw a substantial increase in the activity of RUNNING 4 KIDS.  The total amount of raised to help the children was $7,316.00.  This amount totaled more than the two previous years combined.  The number of participants and volunteers in the various events increased dramatically as well.  New recipients were added and more local children were able to be identified and helped.  A special thanks to family, friends, volunteers, and the community in general for our success.  Special thanks go to the organizations and businesses for their contributions.  A special thanks to our platinum partners, Eldersburg Rogue Runners and Glory Days Grill; and gold sponsors, Ricottelli Lumber and Constellation Energy for their super support of the main fundraiser, the Run 4 Kids Challenge.


                                   BACKGROUND STORY

RUNNING FOR KIDSwas established in 2013 after Bob's numerous years of running and activities to help the children.  In the early 1980's, Bob was the race director for a couple of races to raise money for the local recreational council and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  In 2003 , Bob challenged himself with 10 marathons to raise money for the children.  In 2010, Bob completed 8 challenging races including 2 marathons and 2 ultra marathons.  In 2013, for the inaugural year of RUNNING 4 KIDS, at the age of 65, Bob completed 11 (6+5) challenging races including marathons and ultra marathons for the children charities.  As Bob challenges himself he offers a challenge to you to help the children.






RUNNING FOR KIDS is all volunteer and all charity.  Besides Bob, the personnel consists of family and friends with major support of numerous volunteers and organizations from the community.  100% of all donations go towards helping the children.  Administrative expenses are covered by special funding or fundraisers. Please see the donors and supporters on the money page.

Have a heart.  Join us at any of our events as a participant, volunteer, messenger or donor.  It doesn't take a whole lot of time and the feeling you will get knowing that you are helping the children is priceless.  Please visit the CHALLENGE page.


      Bob with grandchildren after the JFK


*On the day you are reading this, 45 children will be diagnosed with cancer.  *The average age will be 6*Cancer is the #1 killing disease among children, more than all other diseases combined.  *Only 4% of the National Cancer Institute's budget is spent on the children.  *The infant mortality rate of the U.S. is 6.1%.

The mission of RUNNING 4 KIDS is to provide charitable contributions to both children and their families who are in need.  Although children with serious medical conditions are the primary focus, providing a bright future for all the children will always be the ultimate goal.



‚ÄčAlthough running is the theme, there are many and diversified events that are scheduled through the year to raise money and awareness.  Please visit the EVENTS page.

RUNNING 4 KIDS helps the children.  We help the families of the children.  They may never run. They may never be able to look at a web site.  They may be a success story later in life from the tireless efforts of many.  Please contribute to the future of the children through donations of money and time, and help make a difference.